WaterBrick Ventless Spigot

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Ventless Spigot Assembly for WaterBrick Water Storage Containers. The ventless feature means there does not have to be a vent in the container allowing the same WaterBrick Water Container to store food if no longer needed for water.


A Green Solution:

A "green" product, WaterBricks can be made from virgin resin or recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene resins), the type of plastic used in water bottles and gallon milk containers that are now rapidly overwhelming this country's landfills as waste.

WaterBrick  plastic storage containers are being hailed as the most innovative use of HDPE plastics in 20 years.  Additionally, they provide a green alternative to the non-recyclable bags and disposable containers currently being used to bring water and food to remote sites in Haiti, Africa and other locations worldwide.


WaterBrick Ventless Spigot Assembly
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