Solo Stove Windscreen


The Solo Stove Windscreen is meant to work in conjunction with our wood burning Solo Stove. Added wind protection against the elements will allow you to achieve faster boil times. With the wind blocked, efficiency increases and you'll also use less fuel for each burn.  Made of aluminum, the extendable ground pegs allows for a stable setup of the Solo Stove Windscreen. The 8-panel design allows you to configure the windscreen in a number of shapes and folds together nicely after each use.


  • Dimensions:  9.5"H x 26.5"W (3.5"W packed up)
  • Screen Weight:  7.4 oz.
  • Packing Size:  9.5"H x 3.5"W (Solo Stove Windscreen has bag!)

This product is also known as: Solo Stove Windscreen, Solo Windscreen, Solo Stove Aluminum Windscreen, Aluminum Solo Stove Windscreen, Solo Stove Wind Guard, Solo Wind Guard, Stainless Steel Solo Stove Pot 

Solo Stove Windscreen | Prepper Water Storage
  • Item #: Solo Stove Windscreen
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