RainFlo 1.25 HP Submersible 3-Stage Pump

Pump HP: 1.25HP
Size: 7"L x 7"W x 22"H
Weight: 41 lbs.
Ships From: TX

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The RainFlo R128B-3C series pumps is configured with all of the best features and performance of any pumps in their class for the rainwater collection industry.  The R128B-3C is a heavy-duty, high performance 115V/60Hz 1.25 horsepower 3-stage submersible pump with 1-1/4" threaded inlet to easily accept a floating extractor. The pump is internally cooled by the water flowing through the inlet so the pump can be installed either submersed in a tank or externally on the ground or other mounting platform.

Construction consists of a 304 stainless steel housing, dual Italian mechanical seals, American thermal protection, GE-Noryl diffuser and impellers, external starting capacitor for serviceability and long life, 45 foot power cord, pump start box with master on/off switch and circuit breaker which also serves as a wire connection box.

The pump is particularly quiet and durable from its solid construction. The water end is installed under the motor which keeps the motor cooled with the pumped water. The Noryl impellers and diffusers offer high abrasion resistance while the Italian double mechanical seals ensure long life and enhance reliability.

The oil chamber is filled with non-toxic cooling oil. Ball bearings are self-lubricating and internal cast iron components are coated with polybutadiene varnish by electrophoresis to prevent corrosion which is sometimes associated with the typical lower pH of rainwater.

Installation may be oriented either vertical or horizontal so long as water is available at the intake to prevent a run-dry condition.

Pump Performance Curve:


Performance Flow:

Performance Head:

Flow up to 34 GPM max

Head up to 180 feet max

Inlet Size: 1 1/4" FPT

System Presure:

GPM at 60 psi (0 Head) 

GPM at 50 psi (0 Head)

Up to 78 psi



Nominal voltage range:



110V - 120V 60 Hz; 14A Max



Power cord: 45' Foot 16/3 w/ Ground (H07RN-F 4x1.5mm²)
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty



7" X 7" X 22" (including base)

41 lbs.


Control Box Protection:

Thermal Protection:


Insulation Class:






Water Cooled / Intake


2-Pole Induction, Continuous Duty


Certifications: CE
This pump features run-dry protection
Pump Start Box Wiring Diagram and Capacitor Location:

RainMaster Control Box Wiring  RainMaster Control Box Schematic
Downloadable Spec Sheet and Installation Instructions

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