Downspout Diverter Selector Valve

The Rain Barrel Diverter Selector Valve is an excellent addition to your rainwater collection system, providing greater control and the convenience of multiple collection locations. Installing the Diverter Selector Valve is as easy as plugging it into your already installed Rain Barrel Downspout Diverter. Rain Barrel placement grows exponentially as two outlets allow you to connect two Rain Barrels, two garden hoses or a combination of both, directly to your Downspout Diverter. An easy-to-read knob gives you control of water diversion to one, both or neither outlet.

One of the most popular ways our Rain Barrel Downspout Selector Valve has an included Fill Hose to fill your Rain Barrel and use the other end to hook up a water hose. If your Rain Barrel is full, simply select to divert the rainwater to your hose and run your hose into your swimming pool or a raised garden bed. This is the ultimate way to control your overflown rainwater!


Downspout Selector Valve Includes:



Downspout Diverter Selector Valve | Rain Barrel Accessories
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