4" Tank Overflow Kit

Size: 4"
Weight: 3 lbs.
Ships From: TX

This Overflow Kit is the actual Flanged Overflow Fitting used on all Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tanks. There is a standard rule of thumb when plumbing your rain harvesting system. Rainwater has to be able to exit your tank (when it's at maximum capacity) just as fast as it can enter the tank. If you do not have an adequate sized overflow, your system could back-up and fail during a large rain storm. This Tank Overflow Kit comes with the Overflow Fitting, Hardware, Rubber Gasket and an Overflow Screen!


*Poly-Mart 4" Tank Overflow Kit's require a 4 1/2" hole saw for proper installation

These fittings are also know as: Tank Overflow Fitting, Tank Overflow, Tank Over Flow, Tank Overflow Kit, Poly Tank Overflow, Flanged Overflow Fitting, Overflow Flange Fitting, Poly Tank Overflow Kit, Poly Tank Overflow Fitting, Rain Harvesting Tank Over Flow Kit, Tank Outlet Fitting, The Tank Outlet, Rain Harvesting Tank Outlet, 4" Tank Overflow Fitting, 4" Tank Overflow, 4" Tank Over Flow, 4" Tank Overflow Kit, 4" Poly Tank Overflow, 4" Flanged Overflow Fitting, 4" Overflow Flange Fitting, 4" Poly Tank Overflow Kit, 4" Poly Tank Overflow Fitting, 4" Rain Harvesting Tank Over Flow Kit, 4" Tank Outlet Fitting, 4" The Tank Outlet, 4" Rain Harvesting Tank Outlet

4" Tank Overflow Kit
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