4" Leaf Beater

Size: 4"
Weight: 3 lbs.
Ships From: TX, IL


The Leaf Beater® is a compact rain head with an elliptical primary screen that has four settings and can be adjusted to achieve the best operating setting depending on the intensity of rainfall and the amount of debris.

As the water flows from the gutters, it carries leaves and small pieces of debris. The Leaf Beater® features an integrated flow directional gutter outlet which directs the flow of water onto the adjustable primary screen of 1/4" aperture. This screen is virtually vertical, enabling the action of the water to wash the screen and minimize maintenance. A secondary stainless steel screen of 1/32" aperture further filters the water and prevents mosquitoes and vermin from entering the pipe system and then the water tank/cistern.

4" Leaf Beater Original Features and Benefits

  • Prevents debris entering the tank which improves tank/cistern water quality and reduces maintenance
  • Prevents blocked downspouts which stops the backflow of water into gutters and eaves
  • Compact – ideal for use under eaves
  • Primary screen has four angled settings
  • Can be mid-mounted on a wall at a convenient height making it easier for cleaning
  • Includes two stainless steel screens:
    -  1/4" aperture for removal of leaves and debris
    -  1/32" aperture preventing mosquitoes and vermin from entering the
        pipe system and rainwater tank/cistern
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to paint

At Gutter Installation

1.  Remove the existing Gutter Outlet from the roof guttering system.
2.  Hold the new Gutter Outlet #4 against the fascia and against the
     bottom of the gutter where the new outlet hole is to be. Use the
     Gutter Outlet as a template, draw around the inside of the outlet to
     mark the underside of the gutter for the new hole and cut out with tin
3.  Refit the Gutter Outlet #4 to the main body #1 and place a small
     amount of sealant in the sealant groove in #4.
4.  Slide the Leaf Beater® up against the fascia and position the Outlet
     #4 over the gutter outlet hole and fasten the unit to the fascia with  
     two rivets or screws through the back of the body #1 and into the
5.  The Leaf Beater® is now ready for connection to the downspout. Do
     NOT glue the Leaf Beater® to the downspout. SECURE with a screw
     for easy replacement.
6.  Refit the Secondary Screen #3 then refit the Primary Screen #2 and
     set on position 'A'. Observe the performance of the Leaf Beater®
     during an average rainfall and adjust down notch by notch until the
     best operating setting is achieved.


Mid-Mount Installation:

To improve access for cleaning, Leaf Beater® Rain Heads can be mounted down the wall at a convenient height. When 'pushing water' over long runs and depending on the volume of water required to be moved, the Rain Head may need to be mid-mounted more than 4 feet above the discharge point.

It is important to note that when mid-mounting, the flow directional benefits of the rectangular gutter outlet supplied with the Leaf Beater® will be lost. However this is to be balanced with the benefits gained from easier access for maintenance.

For mid-mounting, discard the top flow-directional gutter outlet. Cut the entry downspout at about 60°, allowing 2" clearance between the pipe and the primary screen. This ensures the end of the pipe is parallel to the screen and helps direct the water onto the face of the screen most effectively.

4" Leaf Beater
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