16" Tank Screen Cover

16" Tank Screen Cover

Size: 16"
Weight: 4 lbs.
Ships From: TX

The 16" Tank Screen Cover by Rain Harvesting is designed to fit over the top of a 16" Tank Guardian Tank Screen that comes standard on all Poly-Mart Rainwater Harvesting Tanks. Tank Screen Covers are used for keeping sunlight from entering the Rainwater Tank through the Tank Screen. The 16" Tank Screen Cover has two raised flat surfaces on the top to give you the ability to plumb your rainwater tank from 2 different down pipes. The Tank Screen Cover also gives you the ability to enter the rainwater tank with 3" SCH40 PVC Pipe or 4" SCH40 PVC Pipe by having two different notched out circles in each raised flat inlet surface. The notches can be easily cut out with a hobby knife. This design gives you the ability for optimal customization when installing your Rainwater Harvesting System. Remember, the 16" Rain Harvesting Strainer Basket (also known as a 16" Tank Screen) should not be your sole method of pre-filtration. It's main purpose is to make your rainwater tank mosquitoe proof. Products such as a Leaf Eater Advanced and a First Flush Diverter are highly recommended for pre-filtering your rainwater prior to making it to your tank screen. 


Installed 16" Tank Screen Cover



Sizes Available:

12" Tank Screen Cover  OR  16" Tank Screen Cover


TASS21 - 12" Tank Screen Cover

TASS22 - 16" Tank Screen Cover 


This product is also known as: 16" Tank Screen Cover, 16" Rain Harvesting Tank Screen Cover, 16" Tank Guardian Cover, 16" Rain Harvesting Tank Guardian Cover, Tank Screen Cover, Rainwater Harvesting Tank Screen Cover, Rain Tank Screen Cover, Poly-Mart Tank Screen Cover, Rain Harvesting Strainer Basket, Rain Harvesting Tank Strainer Basket, Tank Strainer Basket, Rain Tank Filter, Rainwater Harvesting Tank Strainer Basket, Water Tank Strainer Basket Cover, Rain Collection Tank Basket Cover, Rainwater Tank Screen Cover     

16" Tank Screen Cover | Strainer Basket Cover | Prepper Water Storage
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