16" Rain Harvesting Lid

16" Rain Harvesting Tank Lid

Size: 16"
Weight: 4 lbs.
Ships From: TX

The 16" Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Lid is available as an upgrade on all Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tanks 200 to 5000 gallons. This is a 16" Lid with a 4" removable center cap. The removable center cap is your inlet into your tank in a rain harvesting application. This 16" Rain Harvesting Tank Lid has a built-in removeable 16" stainless steel mesh strainer basket for keeping your rainwater tank mosquitoe free. The filtering of large debris should be done up stream from the tank inlet by a Leaf Eater or First Flush Diverter. The Tank Screen is removeable allowing you access to the inside of your Rainwater Tank or Rain Barrel.

The 16" Rain Harvesting Tank Lid is a great replacement lid for Norwesco brand Tanks. Many people buy Norwesco tanks no knowing they do not come assembled to properly collect rainwater. If you purchase this Rain Harvesting Lid along with one of our Tank Overflow Kits, you will be set up to properly collect rainwater! 


16" Standard Tank Lid Technical Drawing


Please Note: If you have a Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting Tank with a 16" Tank Screen installed on the top and you want to cover the screen, if may be a better option for your to get a Tank Screen Cover as installing the above lid would require you to cut a slightly bigger hole into the tank with a Jig Saw in order to make it fit. Also, this lid will not fit on a Poly-Mart 100, 125 or 150 Gallon Tank. 

This product is also know as: Rain Harvesting Tank Lid, Rainwater Tank Lid, Poly-Mart Rainwater Tank Lid, Poly-Mart Rain Havesting Tank Lid, Replacement Rainwater Tank Lid, Water Collecting Tank Lid

16" Rain Harvesting Lid | Rainwater Tank Lid | Prepper Water Storage
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