12" Tank Strainer Basket

12" Tank Strainer Basket

Size: 12"
Weight: 4 lbs.
Ships From: TX

12" Tank Strainer Basket | 12" Tank Screen | Prepper Water Storage

A 12" Tank Strainer Basket  or also known as a 12" Tank Screen is fitted as the inlet on all Poly-Mart Rainwater Harvesting Tanks to keep mosquitoes and pests out of the rainwater tank. It also prevents falling leaves, debris and vermin from entering the rain barrel or tank/cistern. 12" Tank Strainer Baskets are made out of Stainless Steel to prevent rusting over time. If you have gutter protectant and a first flush diverter, the 12" Tank Screen is your 3rd line of defense in getting the cleanest rainwater into your tank, cistern or barrel. The more prefiltration you have in your Rain Harvesting System, the less maintanence you will need in the long run. This 12" Tank Strainer Basket works hand in hand in conjuntion with the 12" Tank Gaurdian EZ Clean for simple emptying of accumulated debris! This is a very popular add-on!


12" Tank Strainer Basket Installed | 12" Tank Screen Installed | Prepper Water Storage



Sizes Available:

12" Tank Strainer Basket or 12" Tank Screen

16" Tank Strainer Basket or 16" Tank Screen

TASS06 - Tank Guardian 12" Standard


This product is also known as: 12" Tank Screen, 12" Rain Harvesting Tank Screen, 12" Tank Guardian, 12" Rain Harvesting Tank Guardian, Tank Screen, Rainwater Harvesting Tank Screen, Rain Tank Screen, Poly-Mart Tank Screen, Rain Harvesting Strainer Basket, Rain Harvesting Tank Strainer Basket, Tank Strainer Basket, Rain Tank Filter, Rainwater Harvesting Tank Strainer Basket, Water Tank Strainer Basket, Rain Collection Tank Basket, Rainwater Tank Filter      

12" Tank Strainer Basket | Rainwater Tank Screen | Prepper Water Storage
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