10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank (CA Only)

10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank

Capacity: 10000 Gallons
Size: 140"D x 160"H
Weight: 1600 lbs.
Ships From: Madera, CA
Freight Quote: 1-866-822-0022

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10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank - The 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank by Poly-Mart is made from FDA-Approved, NSF-61 Approved, KOSHER Dietary Compliant, Food-Grade, BPA-Free, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed for above ground, potable drinking water applications. This Tanks are used in many applications such as Fire Water Storage, Well Water Storage, large irrigation systems, live stock watering applications and much more! This polyethylene 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank is 10250 U.S. Gallons in total capacity (including the dome capacity) and is 140” Diameter x 160” Height Poly-Mart 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks have built-in UV inhibitors within the resin to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight over time. The high quality material used gives these tanks has a life span of over 30+ years if used properly and installed on a flat, level compacted surface that is free of jagged rocks and other sharp foreign objects.

These standard 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks will block all sunlight from penetrating the tank, thus preventing the internal growth of water- borne algae if ordered in Black or Dark Green. Our Dark Brown & Dark Grey colors limit most sunlight penetration, so if these colors are stored in partial sun or under a shade tree, waterborne algae growth is very limited and will not be problematic. The Poly-Mart 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank comes equipped with an 16″ Vented Tank Lid, (1) Main Dome Flat measuring 12"H x 25"W, (3) 12″ x 15″ Dome Flats and (4) 15″H x 15″W Bottom Layout Flats. These molded-in flat surfaces allow you to customize your tank to your needs by enabling you to install fittings where you need them most. Tanks Fittings are best installed on a flat surface to prevent tank fitting from leaking. Any Dome Flat or Layout Flat is large enough to fit up to a 4" Bulkhead Fitting! Ask you contractor how convenient that is when you application calls for adding a fire hose adaptor! The Dome Flats are also great surfaces for installing a Float Switch or a Tank Level Monitor on. 

Our 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank comes assembled with (1) 1.5" Top Inlet Fitting installed on the face of the Top Dome Flat located in the front of the tank. Directly below that fitting on the Bottom Layout Flat is (1) 2" Heavy Duty Bottom Outlet Bulkhead Fitting (see fitting locations in picture below). This assembly is pretty standard in the industry and works great for Irrigation Systems, Well Water Storage Systems or any water application needing a holding tank to pump out of.

The Poly-Mart 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank can be ordered to your specification by printing the below technical drawing and submitting it so us for a quote. Additionally installed fittings carry a small install fee, plus the cost of the additional Bullkhead Fitting


10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank by Poly-Mart Features:

  • Poly-Mart 5-Year Warranty
  • 10200 Gallons of Capacity
  • NSF-61 & FDA Approved Resin
  • BPA-Free
  • 140”D x 160”H
  • 1600 lbs.
  • 16” Man Way Lid w/ Air Vent
  • 1.5” Top Bulkhead
  • 2” Heavy Duty Bottom Bulkhead
  • 1 Main Dome Flat (12" x 25)
  • 3 Dome Flats (12" x 15")
  • 8 Layout Flats (15" x 15")
  • 4 Tie Down Lugs


5000 Gallon Water Storage Tank (Short) | Dark Green | Prepper Water Storage


Poly-Mart 10000 Gallon Drawing


Color Chart | 10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank      

10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank | Poly-Mart

10000 Gallon Water Storage Tank Part Number: 



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Poly-Mart 10000 Gallon Water Stoage Tanks are available to deliver to the following cities and surrounding California areas: 

Anaheim, Anderson, Auburn, Bakersfield, Big Bear Lake, Chico, Chino, Chino Hills, Chowchilla, Corona, Durham, El Dorado Hills, Eureka, Ferndale, Folsom, Fortuna, Fresno, Gardena, Grass Valley, Hanford, Lancaster, Lincoln, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Madera, Marysville, Merced, Monterey, Nevada City, Oroville, Penn Valley, Palmdale, Placerville, Porterville, Reno, Roseville, Sacramento, Salinas, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Shingle Springs, Sparks, South Lake Tahoe, Sylmar, Tulare, Visalia, Watsonville, Willits, Woodland, Yuba City

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